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Femur break around Hip replacement stem.

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Hi - I have had a total hip replacement for 28 years stemming from a chikdhood injury when I was 12. 6 months ago I had a the acetabular component replaced and also some bone grafting. 10 days ago I caught my foot on edge of rug and fell. Initial ER visitdiagnosed with hip contusion. Follow-up with my Orthopedic surgeon x-ray showed a femur break on both sides of my femur prosthesis near the upper end. My implant is non cemented type with a fixed head. There is still 4-5 cm of good bone engraftment into the prosthesis. My Dr wants to see if it will heal on its own, how likely is it? I am using a walker with toe-touch weigt bearing.
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replied June 11th, 2012
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Since the injury sounds like a nondisplaced fracture (since it was not obvious on the initial x-ray and only picked up at your orthopedist's office), it most likely is also a stable fracture.

Since it is a press fit prosthesis (with no cement to worry about around the fracture), it will most likely heal. You will have to protect the artificial joint until healing occurs.

But, if you can avoid yet another surgery in the area, you are better off. Again, you will have to be very careful and not displace the fracture. If that occurs, then you will most likely be forced into surgery, having to replace the current prosthesis with a long stemmed on, to bypass the fracture region.

Good luck. Hope you heal quickly and avoid a surgery.
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