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Femoral Head Cannulated Screw removed


Im looking for some answers. 1 Week ago I had 3 cannulated screws removed from my femoral head 2 yrs after I broke it in a trip accident.(im only 44). 1 week on the scar is healing nicely but I'm looking for an idea as to the rest of the healing process. I am already able fully weight bear most of the time with very little or no pain when pottering about my apartment. I am aware that I need to be respectful of the fact that the bone is still at risk so I would never hope nor attempt to go further or do more until the full 6 weeks is up. There is no information however on the time scales of the bone replacement process other than fracture healing. I would like to know 1. Am I really daft to be full weight bearing so soon, 2. How does the bone heal and 3. what timescale am I looking at for this process and when can I stop wearing the 'sexy' surgical stockings safely considering I am not as immobile as I first thought?
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