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Female, lower left abdomen pain, leading to groin area

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i'm feeling very worried right now as i have an ultrasound coming up next week. I have had on and off water infections since early March and i went to A&E as i was in alot of pain.

I have a full blood count done and an xray and they think i may have possible kidney stones but there not 100% sure which is why i am not having an ultra sound.

the reason i am worried is because the pain have gone from my back and i just have constant pain in my lower left abdomen leading into my groin area. The pain is hard to explain but it feels like a trapped nerve or like something is adding pressure around that area.

The pain has got worse during my period and i am 22yr old female. I am also currently on cilest pill and periods are normal

i am occasionally getting burning after urination as well but not everyday.

other than this pain i feel perfectly fine.

could this be cancer, bladder, cervical or ovarian? i know it sounds silly but i'm terrified. please help.

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