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Felt like saying b4 too late

Hey i heard santorum say something about how sex is bad, so i felt the need to come say what i have to say.

Ok IF fetuses are alive then when you abort them it is like living in a dream and then having the dream quickly finished. Im sure people will then say that I believe its ok to kill people if they are in a dream... ok whatever. Anyway They say abortion is wrong because it takes gods life. Im going to sound like a hypocrit now and thats the problem about life but ill get to that later. They say its not ok to take a life but people arent all up in arms about cats in china being killed in cruel ways when people will be reincarnated as a cat one day. They also say its horrible to take a life and then they go and introduce a baby into the world by cutting up its penis right away. So people are like this link when it comes to abortion.

People also can't accept things like a paintball game for kids. So kids are raised in a world of being bored all the time. The unfortunate thing about religion, and thats where i sound like a hypocrite or am one.. whatever.. is that they think their religious thing is right and its hard to beat them (Point of being a hypocrit is how i think my reincarnation is right and im complaining about them thinking they're right..) its hard to beat them because the problem in life is that life has things that sound bad but arent. Life is full of things where you can only understand that they are not bad if you survive something like a holocaust where you're starved and beaten all day until u get to the point where you say, "Ok wwow i will live by whatever makes life right not by whoever wins a debate that lasts only 5 minutes" Thats the flaw in my life because in my schizophrenic life the jews understood this but in this world there is no secret society that carries this banner of viewing life.

Life is something where you either get it or dont. And when people can easily manuplate something as being bad.. its hard to fight people like this which is who i was when i was raised... so i remember the feelings of having my vampire fangs come out everytime there was a great story or great time to try to devour non-religious folk.
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