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fell down stairs, will anterior wedging go back in place?

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I fell down the stairs and didn't go to see a doctor until two days later. The afternoon it happened I felt nothing until the evening; the sensation was a crushed chest and pain from the back side like brusied kidneys. I had so much pain breathing, deep breathing another story! I had no brusing on my back so i thought it was just some kind of kidney shots, which fighting boxer's take. After the second day I thought something was wrong, went to get x-rays only to find out that I have evidence of anterior wedging of D6 and D7 vertebral bodies, probably recent fracture. I just want to know if wedging will go back in place...I declined pain med's and I'm 35 years old a construction worker who's career is in concrete. It has been one week since it has happened and will be start working after easter weekend, do to seasonal work in Canada. I have been walking lots after the day I fell, still have pain and trouble sleeping...Just wondering if the wedging goes back in place?
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replied April 5th, 2012
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The wedging is a crush fracture of the front portion of the body of the vertabra. So its now narrower at the front making a wedge shape. Its not going to go back in place. But its possible that your pain and discomfort will diminish. I would suggest that you be carful about what kind of stress you place on your spine from now on`
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