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Feet hurt walking on hard wood floor

Does anyone have recommendations how to soak my feet, or make them not hurt so much?

Since moving to a new home, my feet hurt walking on the hard wood floor. I hate wearing slippers and socks around the house.
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First Helper footguy

replied December 23rd, 2012
is it pain under the ball of your feet? are there calluses there? if so, then you have metatarsalgia eg. pain due to excessive pressure under the metatarsal heads. try a full length "soft" orthotic with a metatarsal dome to offload the pressure ... hard or 3/4 length orthotics won't help, but instead increase the pressure
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replied December 24th, 2012
Yes to both your questions!

Thank you for the recommendation on orthotics! I'll check them out.
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replied December 25th, 2012
Yah, you'll have to get them custom made. (but AVOID hard orthotics, pediatrists love them for some reason)

Also for basic shoewear get stiffer soled shoes as the less flexible/bendy they are, the less pressure on the ball of the foot. And avoid high heels (if appropriate)
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