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Feels like i have to poop all the time!!!

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Ok so here it goes... maybe like 9 moths ago .. i started with chest pains, wich got diagnosed as chostochondritis ... 3 months ago i got an uti, wich was diagnosed as prostatitis without bacteria, so it was chronic prostatitis , that went away just 2 weeks ago, now my anal sphincter feels like theres a lot of pressure in there , like i need to defecate...

I havent gone to the doc for the last one, it has been only a week of it and to tell u the truth im just tired of tests.. for the chosto it took me 2 months just to get diagnosed,, after like 6 different tests to my heart just to make sure it was fine, the uti took like 2 to 3 months because every single test came back negative for bacteria and the docs started telling me again that i was creating the symptoms , and now this first i thought bout and hemmorroid but the only symptoms are pressure in the anal sphincter like 24/7 and is worst when im laying down sideways, everything else is fine like sitting or standing up and some blood when i wipe, but i realize that the blood was because i wipe to hard, so now im wiping gentler and there was no blood in my last 2 movements.. there was some constipation at the beggining but that went away, i changed my diet as soon as the discomfort started , so now im having two bowel movements a day, later im gonna go get some stool softener just to make it easier for my rectum ... i thought too about an anal abcess in my sphincter, but after putting all together im leaning more to some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction, i guess im gonna wait , if is an abcess is gonna blow at some point , im currently taking some cipro i had left from the uti see if that helps in some way... i dont know sometimes i think is this and some other times that is crazy, like i said im leaning more that maybe i have some kinda of muscle disfunction syndrome type.. if someone have symptoms like mine or any suggestions please reply.. thanxs for ur time
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replied August 16th, 2010
let me had that i do think either i have an hemorroid or an anal fissure cause of the blood in the tp, but can any of those b causing the anal pressure???
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