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Being an Indian teenager GIRL sucks!
nobody Understands us but everyone is ready to judge us !
man.. thats my life so i should live it on my terms not on others at least . my parents wants to rule my life but they never thought that they weren't with me in my hard times. They were never present to wipe my tears when i cried like hell. they weren't with me even when i needed them the most in my pains and sorrows!
Gender discrimination is very common in India and yes i am one of the victim of it. i have always seen my parents discriminating between me and my elder brother. just because he is a boy doesn't means he has a life and i have hell.
i am just 19 but yes my marriage topic is now very rare for me. for my parents now i am a bloody burden for them.
when you can't take care of a girl so why bloody hell you give birth to her. just to make her life hell ?
My parents thinks that i hide stuffs and my personal thoughts from them but why should i share them with you ? just to hear few more bad words about me being a girl
you know what living this sort of life is more worst than living on a road . i had so many things to share but nobody is ever there to listen me , no one to wipe my tears !
this words isn't for me because i never felt how this word feels. doesn't matter its from family or boyfriend! Being ignored is now in my blood and yes i am fed up from it because i love my family as well as my boyfriend but they don't
I cry for them but they all are so damn unaffected!
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replied December 27th, 2016
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I am sorry to hear this happening to you. I wish there was more i could say or do, but for now let me just say be strong, and this will hopefully pass. There is a reason for every birth, although we cannot all understand and explain. Find time to share your life with others, and perhaps help them in spite of what you're going through.
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