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Feeling uncomfortable about my crush and her friend. Help?

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Not sure if this is the right area of the forum to put this in.
Sorry if it isn't.

I successfully got my crush's number on MY last day of class by being friendly and polite, and going up to her to say that I have to say bye now (early)
because I wasn't gonna be there next class.

And then when I was curious about syncing contacts with my Facebook, she came up and I sent her a friend request.
I have called her a couple of times (not consecutively, on separate days) since then
No pick ups or call backs (I left her a message with my call back #)
Tried texting once too.
No luck there either.

Her Facebook posts are ancient too.

On Facebook, I tried asking a mutual friend of ours about what happened to my crush.
Don't worry. I didn't say she was my crush. I asked with her name.
No response from her friend either!!!

I'm peed off because Facebook says her friend ''read'' the message
but never responded to me!!!

I mentioned this on Yahoo Answers too
and someone said that my crush's friend could have known something about this situation/what's happening to my crush
that she felt like she didn't want to tell me about
or that my crush could be having issues right now

Sadly, I think that what was said on Yahoo Answers makes sense here.

I also think that it was rude for her friend to not reply to me.
I feel pretty uncomfortable right now, especially after seeing what was said on Yahoo Answers.

And sadly, I'm not sure if I'll see OR her friend in person again because we go to a HUGE city college.

What can I do here?
What do you think of this, honestly?
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replied February 20th, 2015
I'd say that there's no interest on the part of your crush, and when the friend read your message, may have asked said crush what to do about it and said crush didn't want to encourage you by replying. I'd just move on.
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replied February 26th, 2015
hmn, sorry for being rough, but i guess she's not interested in you after all. just carry your luggage and move on dude.
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replied February 7th, 2017
You feel bad because you've put all of your eggs in one basket. Ultimately this is what is making you feel bad. The fact that you have one girl on your mind and it's resulting in you having a very scarcity based mindset. This telegraphs very obviously to women btw.

Moving from here, I'd say avoid texting for at least 2 more weeks. Both the friend AND the crush. In fact don't text the friend any more. You've displayed your interest and your frined probably gets it and may or may not have relayed the message on. It doesn't matter. Just dont message the friend about the crush anymore. Women are intuitive and you will likely give away more than you think. You dont want them talking about you together negatively because they will reinforce eachother that you are a low status guy.

Even if they message you within 2 weeks, my gut would be to ignore them.

After that time ONLY message with something that offers value.. like a meme.. or some funny thing. You can't control her replying, so dont try to, but you can control her maybe looking at her phone and laughing....

this starts to build a good association with you. IE: this guy always makes me smile / hes not asking for anything etc.

If she responds to your value-giving text, I suggest you chat a little, but don't text anymore than she is texting you. You want your investment in the chat to be the same or less than hers. If its going well... Ask her out... Do it like this.

Whats your schedule like this week? If she says busy, she hasnt rejected you. Just acknowledge it and cut the chat... message again in a week...

If she says something like she's pretty free... ask her a specific day time, and make it sound light and fun...

Good luck
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