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Feeling symptoms similar to pregnancy after being fingered.

Hi! I'm 21 years old and I'm a virgin, the farthest me and my boyfriend has ever gone was fingering (left me pretty sore the next two days, I wasn't used to it and inserting two fingers had been painful). Anyway, the we did it on 14th January, and I was probably on my ovulation period that time. I couldn't clearly remember but I knew we did it first before pulling down his pants, but I'm still not exactly sure if his hands had precum on it. But that was it, no direct contact or penetration whatsoever.

I understand that the situation is very unlikely to cause pregnancy, but seven days later I've been oddly feeling some of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Particularly:

- Dry heaves, nausea and dizziness (I burp it out while nothing comes out, sometimes the feeling of vomit at the back of my tongue)
- Hot flashes/slight fever that doesn't go away, especially in the mornings
- Occasional dull to sharp pains in the abdominal area

I've been having this for about 2-3 days now, and although I rationally know this isn't the case, my body likes to tell me otherwise Sad My period should be around this week or next week, while these are not the usual things I feel during a PMS. Although, I've been observing my breasts and it's not feeling tender or sore at all.

I want to know if there are underlying causes of this, I'm assuming it's because I've been emotionally stressing myself which leads to being physically ill. It's also our thesis week and I've been constantly tired and staying up coding our program. I was wondering if it was actually possible for me to feel all of these due to psychological reasons, and if there are others who feel the same kind of scare sometimes. Would also like to know the risk of actually getting preggers *if* ever there was precum on your hand when it was inserted.

Sorry if the question sounds silly, again I'm not used to these kind of things and it's really stressing me out, I couldn't concentrate in doing my daily tasks! I've had anxiety issues for years.
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replied January 24th, 2016
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It is not pregnancy. What you are describing is not early pregnancy signs. Your risk is zero.

It may very well be anxiety or worry, or stress, and your period coming .

By the way, you sexual pleasure comes from your clitoris, not our vagina. So he does not need to put any fingers inside your vagina. I hope that at 21 yo, you know this already from self exploration and masturbation. Mastubaiois as a good way to get relax from the stress fall asleep easy. Overall It is pretty healthy a good for you

Best of luck with your thesis and program!
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replied March 27th, 2018
I know this is a late post but ion going through the same phase and it’s very irritating I’m actually scared to get pregnant but he only fingered me what’s going on it’s scary
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replied June 14th, 2018
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You are not pregnant.No worries about that.
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