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Feeling Strange, and bigger stomach - could I be pregnant?

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Hi there,

I have a question. I'm going to try to explain it as best as I can.

Back in January was the last time I would have had sex. This is because I discovered that my birth control pill wasn't the best pill for me, and I changed pills and my boyfriend is fine with waiting until the right birth control pill is found. As best as I can remember, the last time we had sex was either January 23 or January 26. Then, on January 30th, my period started (a week sooner then it should have, according to the pills) and lasted until February 9th, so an 11 day period of heavy heavy, had to be the most heavy period I've ever had. That was on while on the birth control that didn't work for me, Alesse. Throughout February I had spotting every day. Not heavy, but spotting. My period, according to the pills was to come during the first week of March, and it came during the first week but only lasted like 2-3 days max. Then I switched to Yaz and have been on Yaz for almost a month now.

Also, all the times we have had sex we have used a condom as well as the birth control.

But here is my deal. I'm feeling tired all the time, I feel hungry, even after I eat, my breasts are really REALLY tender, and my stomach and breasts feel bigger. I'm also sore all over, and I think this adds to the feeling tired.

So, to summarize, it has been about 9 weeks since I last had protected sex, with a condom and a pill that wasn't really working, and since then I've had an 11 day heavy period, and one really light period lasting 2-3 days, and I feel sore and tired all the time, I feel hungry all the time, my breasts are really sore, and my stomach and breasts feel bigger...could I be pregnant?

Any ideas would be wonderful. And I know you are going to suggest to get a pregnancy test done, which I will do if my next period does not come next week, but I just wanted your feeling on whether I might be pregnant or not.

Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate it.
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replied March 27th, 2010
One thing I forgot to mention, my stomach also feels weird, to touch. I don't know how to describe it, but it just feels different than it did before.
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replied February 4th, 2011
i feel the same boobs arent tender or sore took period lasted 3 daysrunning to the toile usually 5 6 days tired all the time could sleep constant to the toilet like 10 times adaystomach feels tender to touch weird feeling pregnancy tests say negative been to the doctors said just to wait so its a waiting game
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