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Feeling sleep paralysis coming on

I've had sleep paralysis for quite awhile, over 5 years, it comes and goes. It only ever happened while i was going to sleep. It would happen right as i enter a deep sleep. I would be barely conscience enough to feel it coming most of the time. either i move to stop it from getting me. or i just let it go through. often it would repeat itself though.

Anyway, you know that feeling you get when you sence it's coming? Recently(more so today) every now and than ill feel it coming while i am sitting down. or just as i sit down. sometimes when i'm standing. Although i haven't had anything actually happen yet. I just feel it coming, than it goes away. Just an hour ago, i decided to lay in the bathtub to relax because i was worried about it. I fell asleep and got it in my sleep. It happened while i was slightly dreaming. i remember where my dream was at when it happened.

Does anyone else get this feeling of it coming during the day? or have any idea why i might feel it's presents during the day?

Thanks for any help!
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replied November 20th, 2008
Have you been diagnosed with narcolepsy yet? Sleep paralysis is the inability to perform voluntary muscle movements during sleep. Though it may be associated with narcolepsy, it occurs in many people who do not have narcolepsy. Testing whether or not you are officially narcoleptic might answer your you have a doctor who is overseeing treatment for your sleep paralysis at the moment?
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replied November 16th, 2009
Sleep Paralysis Sucks...
I know how you feel. I've had sleep paralysis ever since I was 11, and I'm 28 now. What triggers most of my sleep paralysis episodes is daytime nap (bummer!). Sleeping on my side or on my back doesn't make a difference. If it wants to happen there is nothing that I can do. Usually right before I get it, I would see an image of an evil entity or thumbing or buzzing noises in my ears.

Don't feel alone. Try figuring out the trigger, and hopefully you can avoid it. I don't care what people say, every time it happens it feels like the first time it happened. I never ever got used to it.
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