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I've been through a few times now and still can't seem to find any answers. Basically my problem has gotten so bad now that when I wake up and during the day it feels like I'm suffocating and I'm just barely able to get the air I need. I've ruled out anxiety, allergies and/or asthma and my ENT says that my nasal airways are clear but I can't seem to breath through my nose barely at all.

My question I guess is whether this is a problem with my nose or is it a problem lower down, say my throat or my lungs? My throat doesn't feel sore but I do seem to feel phlegm there often (it never comes out thick though) and it keeps triggering a gag reflex, so I wondering if my throat is tight or something? This said, I've tried a peak flow meter too and that registered ok.

I really am lost, I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this now, feeling like your suffocating all the time is pretty much torture, so any suggestions are welcome
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First Helper natta

replied January 30th, 2012
Choking feeling with phlegm in the back of throat/throat closing
I feel the same. I was in Nicaragua and didnt see a doctor but got from pharacist 2 different antibiotics to stop the phlegm. It is scary. Can clear my throat and it seems okay for while. In bed it is scary and I put an extra pillow under to change the squashed feeling of my throat. Did you get any replies? It seems like when I google it they say the choking feeling has to do with anxiety. I dont have any anxiety or nothing more than normal. And I dont have a cold rarely? Confusing but choking is scary.
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replied January 3rd, 2014
Feeling of Suffocation
Hey Guys, I have developed a similar problem just recently 3-4 weeks now. So did you finally get a proper diagnosis and/or found a solution about the problem. BTW different doctors give me different diagnosis from allergies to asthma to losing weight.
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