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Feeling of being choked while sleeping

It's quite a long topic but I've always had interesting sleeping patterns. One night I'll talk excessively in my sleep or have dreams about me or someone else dying or I will actually move around in my sleep(sit up or walk around). For about 3 or 4 months I haven't had an actual place to live so I've been sleeping on peoples couches. I staid at a friends for a little while and one night I was dreaming about my friend, who was actually living there at the time, killing me. All of a sudden I remember myself gasping for air, like I was being choked, and it kind of sounded like I was snoring but I know I needed to breath and something wasn't allowing me to breath. I'm just wondering what's going on when I sleep and why I did that. -- I'm located out in the Seattle WA area and I'm wondering if there's anywhere where I can go to have people check out my sleeping patterns and if there's anyone who might be able to help me out with my dreams because they're really concerning me. Would there be anyone out there who would be able to listen to my dreams and help decipher them or help me understand them more.
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