For a while i was feeling very nauseous only at night. i would lay down for bed and feel so sick but never actually throw up. after about a month it started getting worse and i was feeling nauseous during school too. for a while i just ignored it and hoped it would go away. but now its much worse. i have been to two doctors, one gave me medication for acid reflux but it didnt work so i went to a different doctor. he gave me a medication called Prevacid and sent me to get a blood test for h.pylori and an upper GI for stomache ulcers. since on prevacid it has gotten alot worse. ive missed some days of school and exams are fast approaching. i feel so sick all the time its getting depressing and it takes me a while to get to sleep at night becuase i feel like im going to be sick, but never actually am. i do feel i have a small fear of vomiting. my test results come back in exactly a week but its so bad i dont want to live with it for that long. i am only 14 years old. can anyone help?
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replied June 11th, 2009
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As both of your doctors have suggested, a stomach ulcer or acid reflux are the conditions that can result in chronic nausea.
Acctually, some acid reflux sufferers instead experiencing chronic heartburn, have constant nausea as dominant symptom.
Testing for H.pylori is important, since its presence in gut is linked with stomach inflammation and ulcers.
Prevacid is medication usually used for controlling symptoms of acid reflux, and stomach ulcers.
When acid reflux symptoms aren't responsible to the given dose of Prevacid, the dose is increased and is dosed twice daily instead of the typical once a day dosing.
Also, it is important to get control over night time acid reflux symptoms that tend to be worse.
For that purpose, another type of drugs, that same as Prevacid suppress stomach acid, are suggested.
Taking a H2 blocker before bedtime has been shown to help with symptoms, since it acts faster and stops acid production at its early stage.
Lifestyle modifications are of the same effectiveness as drugs.

Best wishes!
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