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feeling like things are crawling on me?

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ive had a severe anxiety issue for pretty much my whole life. i cant stand it, i am always feeling like bugs are crawling on me, i dont know how to explain it, but i always feel things crawling on me. i constantly think i have lice because my head feels like things are crawling and biting me, and its itchy. however, ive gotten checked for lice and i dont have it, but i feel like they didnt look hard enough...i think im paranoid. i also keep feeling like i have bugs crawling in my butt and other areas. i also have OCD, so im obsessing over feeling like i have bugs on me, and my OCD always makes it disturbing, i cant obsess over bugs crawling in other areas, it has to be in the worst possible areas. i hate feeling this way, am i being paranoid or are there really bugs crawling on me that i cant see????

i recently found out i had a problem with scabies, so my family and i are getting treated, and having scabies made my anxiety and OCD a LOT worse, for years ive always felt like things were crawling on me, but now since this happened, it intensified. you cant feel scabies crawling, and they do go on genitals, but only if its sexually transmitted, and mine wasnt. so i dont have it down there, so im ruling the scabies out.

for years ive felt like things were crawling on my head and on me everywhere, why the hell is this happened? Sad
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