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Feeling light headed, tired, occasional breath shortness, weak

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This will be a long post so please read it all and please help me. Okay, I'm 16 and I'm concerned about what's going on with me. Two weeks ago today I woke up feeling amazing, like always. I swam across the arkansas river for my friend's birthday, bcuz that's what he wanted to do. Later that day, I was at my parents' restaurant working And suddenly I felt light headed and I felt like I couldnt breathe. So I went home. Eventually it got so bad I made my dad take me to the hospital. They told me everything was fine and I was just having a panic attack. They tested my blood and everything. Keep in mind that I had never had trouble with this before that day. So, here I am two weeks later and every day since that day I went to the hospital, I have felt light headed and weak. Sometimes I feel like I have shortness of breath as well. What's wrong with me?? How do I fix it?? Please help me bcuz I want to be back to my old self so badly.
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replied July 30th, 2011
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You need to take an honest look at what is going on in your life at present. Try to figure out what's really bothering you. If you can't do it on your own, speak with someone you trust. It doesn't have to be a mental health professional, just someone you feel comfortable with; a good friend, a coach, teacher, pastor, etc.

Usually, once you figure out what is wrong, you can start working on a solution. Then, most of your symptoms will go away.

However, if you do continue to have symptoms of dizziness, especially if it is associated with chest pain, radiating pain, sweating, syncope, etc. you may need further evaluation for a cardiac problem. Though it is rare for adolescents to have problems, it is not unheard of.

Good luck.
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