hello dear doc
I am from Ethiopia.and i am 30 years old.
i have problem with my feet. at first my small foot finger was vibrating.but after one year the hole right foot is vibrating. please help me what can i do.
thank you for your help.
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replied February 9th, 2014
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Hello Alem,

I am sorry but you haven't reached a doctor.
If you post again you might be lucky next time but meanwhile I will do my best.

I think when you post next you will need to make it plain whether your foot is actually vibrating (physically moving) or whether it is a sensation of vibration but there is no physical movement. It might be helpful also if you can describe when your foot vibrates or if it vibrates even when you are standing and walking, when it vibrates most.

I have noticed how when sitting or standing in an unnatural or uncomfortable position for a while I sometimes experience a vibrating sensation in various parts of my leg. My friend also complains of a similar thing but it soon stops when we begin to move around again.

I think it is caused by pressure being applied to a nerve somewhere temporarily affecting the conductivity or stimulating false signals or sensations. My spine is worn and damaged and so the muscles in my legs are often receiving false signals causing them to go into painful spasm making walking difficult at times. I tell you this to illustrate how a problem in one part of the body can cause a symptom in another part.

I find stretching my spine provides instant relief.

Your problem might be related to past injuries or an excess of hard physical work.

I really don't fully understand the mechanics of the nervous system so I can't comment further.

Good luck!
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replied March 26th, 2014
I suggest you to consult a doctor immediately as you may land up into serious issues. A medical expert will be the right person to guide you in this context.
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