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feeling epiglottis with tongue

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Embarassed alright so you know how you constantly search all other search engines and anxiety sites to make sure that someone else is sufferring from the same thing as you. Well for a little over a year now I have had this problem. It all started with me moving my tongue around in my mouth maybe a nervous behavior when my anxiety was high. Then I started feeling my tonsils...I was so mad that I couldn't stop doing this. Then I noticed I could barely feel this little thing that almost felt like cartialage behind my tongue. Well weeks went by and little by little I could feel more of my epiglottis...Now I can feel it very easily with my tongue...The thing that scares me the most is no one else seems to be able to do this in the world. I know I need to go to a throat doctor asap but I really wish someone out there had a way for me to stop doing it. And don't just say stop cuz its impossible it always feels like theres something on or around my epiglottis and my tongue just moves back there and cleans it. I also smoke and thought maybe its like a nicotine addiction to my epiglottis ... lol...but I am serious...Please someone else heard of this or had this problem!!! HELP MEEE!!!! Embarassed
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First Helper hgcrockett

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replied July 10th, 2008
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Well it could just be that all that moving your tongue around strengthened your tongue (a big muscle, remember) and made it flexible enough to reach back there. I relaly don't think it's a huge problem. Maybe just a cool trick Smile

Sometimes food gets stuck in the tonsils or back of the throat, and I usually have to stick a toothbrush back there to get it out. Sounds to me like you're just ahead of the game.

On another note, though.. . you might want to get that anxiety taken care of Smile Have you seen anyone about it?
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replied March 9th, 2009
Thank you.

I too can see my epiglottis when look at the back of my throat. My tongue isn't as flexible so I can't feel it. I first noticed it a couple of years ago. It freaked me out and any one I showed was disgusted and equally as freaked out. I finally found the courage to see my school doctor but she only made my anxiety worse. She said and I quote, "I've never seen this in a living human before. I've only ever seen it in a cadaver. But if it were a problem you would be dead already." I've not seen a doctor since. And that was a few years back. I've been terrified thinking that I was the only one and that this was some fatal disease. If you find out what it is let me know. I can't bring myself to go to another doctor.
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replied December 21st, 2009
I can see it to!
I can see my epiglottis too! I've been to the ENT Dr who says it's some people who can actually see it. I was afraid at first but now I really don't think about it I don't notice it anymore. When I find a better answer I will post it. I have to rule out Thyroid, TMJ or anything else that come to mind. You are not alone.
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