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Feeling dizzy, tired and weak

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Ok hi there everyone
Two days ago I went to a small bar with my partner. I decided to have a drink as most people do and I didn't even get three sips out of my glass before I started to feel incredibly dizzy and tired. I have had plenty of alcohol before so this was a strange feeling. The best way to describe it is like you move your head to fast and your eyes have to catch up or when you are coming off of a rush you get when drinking alcohol and the room spins slightly. I didn't drink it fast I took my time and mentioned that i was feeling bad to my partner. He immediately said that we should go home if i wasn't feeling well (And no my drink was not spiked i had it on me the whole time and watched the lady put it in the glass.)
So we went home and i went to sleep, hoping that it would be gone by the morning. I woke up constantly that night unable to sleep even though i was tired? I then woke up still feeling dizzy and horrible the next morning so my partner suggested that I should have some juice, that maybe i needed some sugar.
Now I have been trying to eat healthy over the past 2-3 weeks which includes me eating no fast food or chocolate and chips but on the night we went out I decided it would be ok to eat pizza for once. Could this be the problem some how? I have to admit that I also haven't been eating as much as I should be, simply skipping meals. i have for the past three days been eating normally again but i am still not feeling the best.
The music in the bar was quite loud as well and we were sitting near a speaker and the girl was constantly changing the volume, could this be something to take into account?
It's now day three and I don't have a headache or any pain it just feels like my head is floating, I'm tired, feel weak and am slightly dizzy, It almost feels like at any moment the dizziness will hit me again like it did the night it started. I have had Hashimotos Thyroditis for two years and I am taking tablets for it. I also have an iron deficiency which I have had for about four years which I just started taking tablets for again. I don't think either of these is the cause though as the dizziness hit so suddenly. Could it be Hypoglycemia?

So many questions and in need of so many answers! Please someone help its making me feel horrible!
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replied October 30th, 2012
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try to avoid carbohydrates in the morning and report if you feel better.

when you feel dizzy if you eat a teaspoon of table sugar or a glass of juice do you feel better?
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