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Feeling dizzy and coldness inside the body

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I have been having this giddiness for the past few years.
Sometimes, I feel the room spinning and feel like lost balance.
Besides, whenever this attactk arise, I feel freezing cold inside the body and may even feel the coldness travel form the chest to the toes.
There is also tightness around my jaws area.
I have high blood pressure and quite high cholesterol ratio of 4.4.
I'm afraid all these symptoms are related to an on coming of stroke or heart attack, although my doctor have dignosed as anxiety attack.
At present, I am on medication of all the above illness but still feel the giddiness occasionally.
Please advice.
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replied October 27th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

If you have had a cardiac evaluation and it is clean, then it is most likely anxiety or panic attacks. The symptoms you describe are more consistent with an anxiety attack than with a cardiac/circulatory problem. It may be that your medicine is not exactly what you need. You should discuss the situation with your physician, to see if a change in dosage or medicine is needed.

Good luck.
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replied February 17th, 2013
High pulse and cold, painful bones ( deep inside )
I have been fainting, long and short periods o unconscious . My pulse rate is very high but my heart is fine. Most diagnosis point to SNS and autonomic system. My pulse rises higher from laying flat (100-35) , sitting (135-166) , and standing ( up to 200 ) . The longer I sit or stand the higher my pulse ges up. Standing in one spot is the worst. My BP is usually low but can go high at random times. The Cardiologist says heart function is fine. I broke my back years ago and the day it broke is the first time I felt rapid pulse. I also get deep pain and ice cold inside my bones. Any thoughts? My thyroid is within normal limits. Thanks, DMay.
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