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Feeling depressed tired

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As of late I have had a lot of pain to manage and have had to deal with some issues at home,not with my husband and I but other family members that we live with us ,I find myself feeling more with drawn mostly because I see no point in trying to say something about how I feel because I feel like most times it's just overlooked anyway so I just stay silent ..I'm trying to pull myself out of this frame of mind but feeling alone in it doesn't help .Thank you for taking the time to read my story ..Leah
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replied January 27th, 2017
Hi, Leah
Its nature thing as everyone feels alone and depress in their entire life. Probably, there is a single person in the entire world, who did not face the problems or challenges. Every person has various critical situations in life.

But it matters that how do we face them. First hand we can try solve and recover from them. And other hand, we can run from them and go in depression. All depends on us that what we do that right time.

I personally suggest that you should try to involve them. Make their choices foods and try to capture their attention towards you. You can make a holiday plan with family, whereby you will get such a quality time with your husband.
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