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Feeling depressed after Mother's Death I am only 16 and...

My mother left this physical world about 3 months ago.
I am only 16 and live with only my grandparents and my father because my brother is out of town due to his work.
It was going alright till a week ago since when I have cried almost every day for at least an hour accumulatively. I don't understand what is happening and really miss my mother.
I just don't like being alone and really miss my cousins who were with us last week and especially my 2 sisters who were there to console me when I burst into tears. I really miss them and I want them to be their with me and I think I might go crazy if I stay idle and alone for any longer.
Any suggestions as to what I should do to make current condition better?
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First Helper Hannahrose95

replied February 5th, 2013
Hello Very Happy

I'm very sorry for your loss! I know exactly what your going through, I'm 17 and lost my mother a few years ago. Firstly let me say your extremely clever asking for help like this! But may I suggest talking to someone? A guidance councilor or something, it really helps to talk to someone who can help you deal with your grief. Your family are able to help you, but a councilor really makes the world of difference. I still see my Councilor and it really helps me!

Perhaps if you keep yourself busy? Make sure to spend time with your friends and family, because they'll let you lean on them if you need it. Keep your mind of everything. I know its really hard not to get upset and really down and sad, but your putting yourself in serious risk of slipping into depression if you spend too much time alone!

I don't know where your from or anything, so I don't know what your school provides and stuff, but you should definitely talk about it with someone!

I don't know if this helped but I know what your going through, and its not unusual! Just remember, your not alone, there are plenty of support systems out there, don't be afraid to reach out for help :d
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replied March 4th, 2013
Need advice on how to cope with my mothers long painful death...
I am on here because I lost my mom when I was 26 (I am now 28 yrs old) to liver disease from drinking a half a gallon of whiskey everyday for 25 years.. I am deeply sorry for your loss.. after years of begging my mom to quit drinking she did she went to rehab on her own and everything, but it was to late.. right after she quit she became very sick with diabeties and lots of pain all over her body.. after having a liver biopsy she found out she had stage 4 liver failure which is the last stage before you die.. So I found her a doctor right away and had her go to the Mayo clinic in Rodchester Minnesota.. Guess what they denied her and sent her home, they said she wasn't sick enough.. 3 days after sending her home she went into coma from having hepaticensepalopathy (probably didn't spell that right sorry) in all of this happening I moved out of my apartment and moved into my moms house to take care of her because she didn't want to be in a nursing home I had 2 little boys and was pregnant with my 3rd.. so after a lot of pain and suffering and her 3rd bout of coma by brother and I decided to put my mom on hospice and she passed 9 days later.. watching my mom die for 3 years was the hardest thing I have ever experienced and for almost 2 years now since she has been passed (7-21-2011) I think about her everyday all day I cry every single day I feel like I just want to die because I cant handle feeling like this anymore.. I miss her so much even if I could just call her I would love it so much! If it weren't for my 3 wonderful loving boys and my step dad I wouldn't be living.. I loved my mom so much and so did my kids... like I said the hardest thing to experience by far in my life we were so very close... anyway I was asking for help emotionally I need it so bad I am so depressed I dunno what to do anymore... if anyone has any advice please tell me cuz I literally feel like I am going crazy!!!
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replied March 10th, 2013
Well today's Mother's Day and it's been nearly 4 years since mum died of terminal lung cancer. I was 14. She didn't smoke, didn't do anything unhealthy. It just happened to her. Why I don't know. I'm an only child and me and my mum were the bestest friends ever. It's so lonely without her in this big old house. It's so empty. missing her so much. She was the best mother in the whole wide world. at least I know that there's people out there who feel the same. When mum left I felt so unloved, I felt I didn't have a purpose in life because the one person that cherished me and loved me and made me feel so special had just disappeared right in front of my eyes on the 2nd July 2009 2:30pm. It was so horrible seeing her fighting to breathe. just a second before she died she looked at me and shed a tear. That's when I realised she was going to leave me. But I redirected my life towards my studies and I'm planning to apply for medicine this year. This has helped me in so many ways, it makes me feel like I do have a purpose in life. To make my mum proud.
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