So right now i feel compleately alone. My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 1 month ago. I am compleately inlove with this guy. For the past 2 years he has basicly been the only person i was around. We would do everything together. When we werent together we would either be on the phone or texting each other. He broke up with me over a text message which i never did understand why. He told me he could not stand to see me cry because he would just get back with me and he did nto want to do that. He said he just did not want to be in a relationship anymore that he wanted to be single and just "do him". I also found out he cheated on me during the 6th month of our relationship. But blind me just let it go because i do believe he could change. He proposed we still be friends and i of course felt like i needed him so much that beeing friends was the best thing for me. The first week after the break up we barelly talked, and i literally felt like i did not want to go on with my life. Around people i would put on a fake smile but as soon as i was alone i would cry. But than he started going back to his old ways. Talking to me all day, texting calling, walking me around, beeing jealous, we talked on the phone every night that next week. That same weekend we went to the movies. I had been avoiding kissing him because i knew it would hurt me later but we ended up kissing that night. It really felt like old times. Than that next week he became distant again. I questioned him about it he said he just needed his space and that he was very confused about what he wanted to do. Than last tuesday i saw him with another woman. It really drove me crazy because i have been keeping up this little game where i act happy around everyone. My crazy kind of side came out and i told him exactly how i felt with everything. He said many things that hurt me that day. One of them is that he did not want to ever be with me again. He also said i should let him go because he wants to do him. He said he did not love me no more. That all he felt for me was the love of a friend.
So i cried, and i cried alot. I told myself that that was it that im finally done with him. We barelly talked for 3 days i ignored him when i saw him and we did not speak to eachother. Than all of a sudden when we where having a brief conversation threw text he said he missed me. So i guess that really got my hopes up again. Than we spoke on the phone and he said he had a dilema. He also asked me what would i say if he told me he had "made a miostake". The conversation really built me up and made me very happy, only to find the next day he was hanging out with that other woman.

Well with all that going on i cry everyday,
i take more than 3 showers a day because that is the one place where i can get my anger out
i feel like if i could sleep all afternoon and night i would be happy
my friends all dont understand anything some of them say i should let him go
others say i shouldnt
when i dont talk to him i feel lost and i start crying
after i get home from the gym (which is the only thing ive been able to keep myself doing) i sit in my couch and stay there
untill it is time for bed. i only get up to take showers and drink water.
i have compleately lost my appetite. I cant make myself eat anything
I also feel like a fool. I shouldnt be feeling like this but reality is i am. And i cant do nothing about it but cry myself to sleep every useless night. I no longer know what to do with my life. I miss him so much an di want to make things right
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replied March 10th, 2010
hi , i hope you feel better since you got it out of your cheat.
hun you need to take care of your self your boyfriend or any guy should only be part of your life but not all your life. guys always need a space but a lot of them when they ask for it or for a break up either they cheated on you and they feel bad about it. or they find some one els. or even they got board being in a relationship with you the same girl over and over a gain. i am not talking about all guys but most of them are like that. so who doesn't want to be with you, doesn't deserve you.
maybe you deserve some one who is loyal, caring, and real.
with lessons comes pain but soon you will heal.
don't destroy your life, health for some one who doesn't care. go on life never stops. get your life back and kick him out of your mind your single and available for a new life. don't waist your time and beauty in sorrow and sadness.
don't throw your self on him and sop communicating with him he will miss you and run after you but if you want my advice don't go back to him he seems like a player he might hurt you again if he love you he will never cheat on you.
best wishes
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replied August 15th, 2010
Only very few people can understand your pain But whatever happened is past, there is no timemachine to go back and change the things as we expect. It's really good that you know about your boy friend within two years itself. There are two things that you can choose one.

A. Continue with the same behaviour what you have explained here, just doing nothing other than worrying about what was happened and make yourself become more misserable. If you continue this , you will seperate yourself from others so quicly and become victimosed . If you want to be this way, very soon even your boy friend will think whatever he did was correct .

B. No more sympathy. No one is going to stop you to become a better person. It's your strength & willness to make yourself to move away from this and get going with the next level. Every day, in the middle of your memories about the past, just think about what's up next for you that will make you feel good or will make you the best. Is there anyone stops you to feel good or better ? It may be your past memeories pulling yourself into a sick feeling, No one else. It's your power to choose with the new beginning. Better you can start a new skills learning with all new people / sorrounding , may make you feel good. Just thing about on this daily - ' are you have the power to choose this option ?'... All the best....
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replied August 20th, 2010
Same old same old... Everyone including you knows that moving on is the right thing to do but you gave your heart to someone entirely who has now broken it into small pieces and this is similar to quitting smoking as love is a drug and you were hooked, line and sinker...

I agree though, you need to meet new friends and start living life as life does not wait for the broken hearted...

I wish someone had a quick fix like Supper LOVE Glue that would easily mend a broken heart but this only relates to advice that your mind accepts or rejects. I.e. the supper glue is accepting your fate and situation for what it is and starting a new one with supporting friends that provide the glue you need to move on...

So without sounding superfluous, you are special and love will find you again, it's the time factor and memories that will drown you as it is me. One can forgive but never forget and this is where your strengths and weaknesses will be put to the test on a daily basis, just like someone that quit smoking!!!

It ain't easy and don't let anyone say that it is... You though have to try and move on or it will form part of who you are and this will just push others away, so take it slowly and change every day... You know you can cause no one can do it for you...

If you breath they say that you are alive, yet felling dead inside will not help as you are then referred to as the walking dead... A zombie of love that will scare future LOVE away... Make your decision to live and somehow this saga will be overcome... And most importantly, know that you are loved and adored... If not now, soon... Make it happen for YOU! Your responsibility is to choose your own response as they say and this is where I will leave in the hope that it has or will aid you during this troubling times, much love!!!
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