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Feel like insides will fall out

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These symptoms began in January 09. Progressively worse. Had liver & stomach ultrasound,THEN endoscopy--& recently-MRI of stomach &liver,which I had last Saturday & haven't heard anything yet. Endoscopy-normal-but the ultrasound showed that some ducts that go to liver are on the "high" side (but NOT abnormal)-9 cm. Haven't received results on MRI as of yet.
Feels like I need to hold my insides in when I lay down. Nothing to do w/eating. Never did have much of an appetite. It's right in the center of my breastbone(?)
My liver hurts at times, but so does that entire area. Feels like my bra is way too tight around the front of me sometimes.
If I lay on my back-I need to turn. If I lay on my side, I feel I need to 'hold it in', otherwise, something bad will happen. It's VERY scary! Told Dr. (p.a.) Also constipated severely (but on narcotics for severe pain& on 'amititza'for that)
It's more a lot of pressure than pain-but very scary. (when I drink some wine, its not that bad) Rolling Eyes
Any advice? (no smart-a**es please!)
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replied September 24th, 2009
reply to myself- after looking at this site- I don't think that anyone actually reads it. Not just MINE- but ANYONES! Perhaps I haven't looked enough.
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