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Feel large lump lower back near spine while lying on back in tub

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Question 54 year old female... Approximately 3-4 years ago I feel down the stairs and my life was changed in an instant. The Dr.'s, which include the er, Orthopedic Specialists and internal med have all said that nothing shows up in the x'rays, cat scan and mri. dx went from bruise to age related arthritis to fibromyalgia symptoms. I live with chronic lower back pain and am pretty much house bound. My Internal Medicine Dr. suggested hot baths 3x day but I couldn't get in and out of tub for a bath (only showers) and don't own a hot tub YET. He wanted to send me to pain management but I refused to go, not knowing what was wrong. I decided on Chiropractor and he took several xrays and went over them with us, showing us what was wrong. Yes I have arthritis in lower back and neck and both hips. I already knew about left hip and osteoarthritis runs in family. The narrowing of my hip joints in the xrays were shocking with the left almost completely gone. He was able to alleviate the excruciating pain I had been living with in my arm and shoulder the first visit. Okay lately I have been able to take tub baths with the help of an arm thing attached to the tub to grab onto. When I lie on my back I feel a lump in my lower back starting at spine and goes out to the right. Its like i'm lying on the lump instead of my back. It is at the site of my spine that give me chronic pain. I'm self pay and wonder if that's why I cant get a god dx. Does anyone have an idea what this lump could be?
Thank you
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replied December 23rd, 2011
I too have lumps. I was told they are just holding water and after my surgery they were removed but now theyre back. I was told its nothing to worry about.
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