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Feel alarmed over a flu shot-- (HIV)!

Hello, I had a flu shot 3 days ago by a practitoner who wasn't using gloves while injecting the vaccine. Soon after the vaccine was injected I started bleeding, with her naked hands she tried to stop the blood by using cotton balls one after another, her fingers and a portion of her hands were covered with my blood. What are the chances that she could infect me with hiv considering the fact that she injected this vaccine to other patients before me the exact same way and using her hands while trying to stop my bleeding? She was using a hand sanitizer in between patients. But, if some blood from other patients was still on her hands while she was giving me a shot and trying to wipe my blood away and mixed blood of others with mine, could there be a chance for infection passage? I'm 5 months pregnant and am terrified. Please help! Thank you!
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replied October 27th, 2013
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HIV doesn't transmit this way. Your fear is irrational. You do not have a HIV concern.
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replied December 3rd, 2018
HIV from kissing
Thank you for your answer! My friend is paranoid about an incident she had with a co-worker. She's worried she kissed with a guy who's in relationship and has active sex. She says that from time to time she can sense minor bleeding from her gums and is worried that something similar may have happened while she was kissing with that guy. She's worried that he might have had open wounds, or bleeding in his mouth (which is possible) and how that might raise her chances to get infected with HIV. Thank you!
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