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Febrile seizure and high white blood count

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Hello- hope someone can help.
My little girl suffered a seizure whilst having a very high temperature 104minimum.
Her dr said this was due to gastoenteritus.
When her bloods tested an over 25,000 white blood count, i was told this signified a long-standing infection/problem of some sort not related to the gastoenteritus, another dr concurred with this.
Her temperature came down 2 days later and she was eating and much better then out of the blue she had her first nose bleed- no nose picking or banging her head.
Her dr has retrated his statement re the white blood cound indicating long term infection/problem and sees no need for further tests, even to check the white blood count.
Has anyone any advice or experience in any of these symptoms please?
Any help much appreciated- thanks in advance.
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replied September 18th, 2009
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White blood cells count that is greater or equal to 25 000/microliters in children, is more often associated with some serious underlying disease like leukemia, than with bacterial infection and bacteria growth in a blood system.
This rise of WBC count can happen as a result of extreme physical or emotional stress, too.
Although, the nose bleeds are very common in children, still a spontaneous nose bleeding, along with increased WBC, is an indication for further tests for determining or excluding the possible diagnosis of leukemia.

Best wishes!
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replied September 19th, 2009
Hi Marija- thanks for your message- can i ask, do you have any medical training or experience of these symptoms? Many thanks Maggie
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replied June 20th, 2010
Febrile seizure and high white cell count
Just wondering if you ever got any follow-up on this with your little girl? I had a similar situation when my son who is now 19 was 4. He had a "stomach flu" type illness and out of the blue had a febrile seizure. When he was in the ER he had a CBC which showed a very high WBC count (I believe it was like 45,000. He stayed overnite and they had a specialist look at the cell morphology which showed normal mature WBCs(leukemia would show lots of immature cells). They watched the count over the next few days and it went back to normal. I was told that during a seizure WBCs can be "knocked off" the vessel walls making them free float in the blood making the WBC count in the blood appear higher than normal. He was fine after that and had no recurrence of seizure or other symptoms. I hope your little girl was fine too....
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