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I am 30 having irregular periods (around 60 days)TTC. Doctor adviced me to go for follicle study (FS)puts me in Siphene (D2-D7) and FS from D9. On D11 one mature follicle in RO measuring 1.8 took HCG shot, mild endometriosis detected. Follicle didn't rapture on D13 the follicle was growing at 2.2. D15 the follicle was 2.4 after which the doctor suspended the study. All other hormone tests are normal and on Glycomet from Jan. My hubby’s test normal

1.It is ok for the follicle not to rapture even after HCG shot since this is the 1st time under medicine or is it LUF?
2.If LUF, then will the follicle never rapture or there will be cycles when the follicle raptures and some cycles when it doesn’t
3.If LUF, what are my options of conceiving?
4. What procedure can I opt for conceiving (like IVF ETC
5. What are my chances of successful pregrency if I opt for IVF.
Please answer as I am undergoing tremendous mental agony. Thank you very much
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