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fear stating my opinions and terrified to do anything wrong

I need advice! I've been married for a year now but I've known my husband for about 20 yrs. We had gone our separate ways a long time ago and ended up marrying other people. During the time in which I was married before we had four beautiful children! Things didn't work out and five years after being single I ran into the man I'm married to now! I immediately remembered him as he was when I had known him before he was sweet and generous with an incredible family from which he came. Things moved rather fast but nothing ever felt more right to me. Here we are married with my four children his two children and we are now expecting one together. The thing is up until a few months ago things couldn't have been more perfect and he seemed to be all I could ever ask for! Now I literally fear stating my opinions about things I am terrified to do anything wrong or make even a simple mistake. Why? Because he gets so angry at the smallest of things! I get yelled at even when he does something wrong and is frustrated with himself! Now he seems to try to dictate every move I make with my children and if I don't listen he yells cusses and makes me feel stupid. So many nights lately I find myself sleeping on the couch because I can't stand the yelling my best option is to walk away and sleep on the couch! No matter what I do I feel like I'm not good enough foe him and I don't know what to do anymore! He has never hit me or been physical in any way but I feel this is emotional abuse and I'm at a loss! We have great days where I couldn't ask for anything else but it seems like less and less of those days! Please help!!
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