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Fear of spreading Human Papilloma virus (HPV)

A few years ago I was in a relationship with a woman who found out that she had HPV after an abnormal pap test. This was my first sexual partner so she must have gotten the HPV from a previous partner. We had unprotected sex for a large portion of the relationship. The relationship ended about three years ago.

I have since begun a new relationship with another woman. We have so far not had unprotected sex. She wants to begin having unprotected sex and I do as well; we are engaged and also thinking about beginning a family. However, I am worried that I may have HPV and pass the HPV on to the woman I am now with. The HPV that my last partner had was high-risk type as it caused abnormal precancerous growth on her cervix. My new partner has not had the HPV vaccine.

I don't know what to do. I know there is no HPV test for men, so I can't "know" what I actually have. I have no other STDs and I've been tested for everything there are tests for.

Any suggestions or information?
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replied April 3rd, 2009
I'm sure you already know this but will say anyways: There are over 100 types of HPV diseases, which most go away on their own. The other types that don't go away on their own are the types of HPVs that cause cervical cancer (as you partially already explained). And actually I really think men CAN have a test done to check for HPV, it's pretty much the same thing as getting checked for any other STDs but I think they can also test through urine. I'm not a doctor but if I remember correctly, that's what the doctors do. I was pregnant 2 years ago and my doctor told me I had an abnormal Pap. She said more than likely it was HPV and that it would go away on its own after I had my son. I believe it was HPV because my boyfriend had it. But back to your concerns, if you have HPV and your new partner doesn't, you will transmit it to her if you have unprotected sex. The best thing I can tell you is that she needs to get the HPV vaccine called Gardasil. It ONLY prevents HPV, it doesn't cure it if you already have it. I I hope I was somewhat of a help to you.
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