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Fear of rabies...even after vaccine?

Hello all. I am new to these forums but not to anxiety. I have been diagnosed not only with Hypochondria but also GAD, OCD, Severe Depression and BPD.

In short, Friday night I was laying in bed on my computer. All the lights in the house were on. I got up to let the dogs in from outside and sat back down. All of a sudden I felt this mild burning/stinging/itching on my wrist. I looked closely and there were two tiny pinpoint punctures - 3mm to 4mm apart. I put rubbing alcohol on them and attempted not to panic or jump to the conclusion that it was a rabid bat. But of course - in my mind I just kept thinking that some bat incognito had bitten me and is either dead somewhere in the house or flew back outside when I let the dogs in.

So this morning (now Monday) I decide to go to the Emergency Room and somehow convinced the ER to start me on rabies shots - which they did. Surpisingly, none of the nurses had ever had ANY experience with someone with a bat bite. I guess that is kind of good?

Now here I sit - you would think this could have settled my severe anxiety. Nope. Why do you ask? I am afraid that I have waited TOO long to begin the vaccinations. I have found myself "googling" for the last 4 hours. I waited a good 60 hours after this mysterious bite before I had the injections.

To further complicate things, I have NEVER seen a bat in or around my house. In my area there have only been TWO (2) rabid bats in the past 15 years.

I just don't know what to do. Just looking for a little advice before things get too bad.
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replied September 10th, 2013
Fear of rabies
I also had a similar situation like this. I was vaccinated for rabies before 2 years when a dog bit me. But last week or before When I am going on a bike a dog ran into me like it`s gonna bite me. I was escaped from there but when i returned home I had a wound in my leg. I thougt that dog bit me when I am unaware. So i put some turmeric in it, cleaned with soap,applied honey etc... and many more because I thought the dog may be a rabid. Strangely now about 2 or 3 days im in afear That im having rabies and im gonna bark or bit some one I am on a extreme fear please help me........
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