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Fear of Overcoming PTSD

i mentioned why i prolly have PTSD in my first post tsd-please-t264463.html

And iv been reading alot of comments on how to get over it, but why is it that i dont feel comfortable in trying it?

my family wont listen to me and my friends feel like theres nothing they can do but be there for me

I feel all alone and dont really feel like giving a shot at trying to make it all finaly end
sometimes i think to myself that maybe it will just go away by its self one day, but i know that wont happen

i have alot of suicidal thoughts and a feeling of helplessness and lonleyness and part of me is crying for help, yet most of me just wants to take an overdose of drugs and kill myself

i never got officially diagnosed with PTSD by a psychiatrist but im pretty sure i have it and im too scared to ask for help, not that anyone would listen to me before

Some part of me is sick of feeling so tense and jumpy around people i care about and my flashbacks are driving me crazy all i want to do is take more DXM and just end it all

i did try telling my brother about it again and he made fun of me for being a coward that just wants to kill herself and that didn't help at all believe me
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replied February 16th, 2012
I have PTSD myself, so this is not doctor's advice.

Some thoughts:

I believe "social fobia" is one of the symptoms of PTSD (from your other post).

The things that happened to you are horrible, it is not strange at all that you get PTSD from that.

I do believe you are strong. You have gone from being bullied to having friends. You have managed to get into college despite everything.

Sorry for late reply, I read your message a while ago and wanted to reply. Was a bit moved by it.

I think it would be good for you to get professional help. I'm seeing a shrink and it helps. It takes a while, but it helps. As someone else said, try your university to see if they have some help to offer.

Wanted to share this with you and others, it is a Patients' Guide to PTSD: om/files/docs/ptsdhe.pdf

There is also a book you can find it on if you search for "post-traumatic"

I think another idea might be to ask one of your friends to help you find professional help. Just to get you to it.

A therapist will give you lots of practical advice.

Doing exercises might help.

Please let me know how it goes. I see it was a long time since you posted, I wish I could have replied sooner. I would love to hear of any improvements!! Hang in there, it will get better!
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