i have anxiety.
i also have TMJ, which is a disfunction of the jaw.
i spend large amounts of time on the computer.
constantly staring at the screen.
and i sit in an awkward position and have bad posture.
right now, my jaw is aching (due to having TMJ)
but lately, i have very very bad headaches and dizzyness.
sometimes nausea. my mum keeps telling me;
'stop stressing'
'you don't have a brain tumor'
'you have eye strain from the amount
of time you spend staring at a computer screen, your nauseas because
your worring that you have a brain tumor because you get headaches'
i've read the symptoms people experience when they have a brain tumor.
the ones i do not have are, siezures, double vision and speach difficulty.
but the symptoms i do have that could be assosiated with a brain tumor are,
dizzyness and unsteadyness with sevre headaches and nausea.
do you think i'm just being paranoid about this whole brain tumor thing?
and does it sound more like the whole mixture of things my mum thinks i have,
TMJ, eye strain and anxiety?
please help.
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replied February 7th, 2010
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Hi aliceinwonderland,

If you are that concerned as to whether or not you have a brain tumor, go see a nurologist and settle the debate with your mom, and of course to find out if you do or not.

Good Luck, hope all is only what your mom says and nothingn more.

Faded Rose
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