I had really bad Panic Attacks for around 18 months but overcame them with support from my family and friends. I haven't had any for around 2 years, now at 20 I have found myself getting very Anxious, my problem is that I am very scared .My fear is, sleeping.

I have seen a film where a woman killed her boyfriend in her sleep(not meaning to) and read a story in a magazine on a girl that was terrified of hanging her self, and worried so much that she did so in her sleep.
For some reason I now have an overwhelming fear of going to sleep, my main fear is the first point I stated, that something awful would happen to one of my family or friends because of me(not that I would ever desire to cause any one harm, which is why I am so terrified) so I would rather not sleep than this happen.

I know really that it would never happen, and its rediculous. But i don't know what to do. I am so overwhelming scared and I just need someone to tell me how silly it is and that it will be okay.
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replied November 5th, 2010
Hi sweetgirl89,

Don't worry hun!! Just think - how many people have actually done this? The first situation you saw was not real, leaving only one real situation you have come across in a magazine. In other words, its incredibly unlikely that something like this would happen.

Secondly, you need your sleep to function - its seriously so important.

I hope this helps! Sleep well
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