OK,so tomorrow i have ID picture day and i start school on sept 8.
i'm going to be a junior this year.
Anyways my problem is that i get extremely nervous at the site or thought of going to school.my stomach starts hurting extremely and i get diahrea.
the worse thing is there is nothing to fear at school.i mean i have friends,i dont get bullied and im pretty smart.Sure i get stared at for being diffrent but other than that i can take it.
All i want is to get rid of this meaningless fear.It interrupts me during class..and when i tell my parents they get mad at me for being so nervous.
please help.tell me what i can do.
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replied August 25th, 2009
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What about actual school work being the source of the problem? Do you feel a lot of pressure? Is it worse around test or report card time?

I think you should talk to your parents or at least the school counselor about it. It may be an anxiety disorder that you've developed and school is just the trigger. Explain that you can't help it. Ask if they can help it when they get nervous about something? It's not like you can just turn anxiety off with a switch.

You can learn to calm it, however. When you think about school and feel nervous, think about all the things that you are excited about, like seeing your friends, going to school events, etc. Think about all the fun times you've had there. When you feel the nerviousness come on, take deep breaths, close your eyes, and feel it relax away. Look up some other relaxation techniques and find what works for you. If you just can't seem to relax it away, you should talk to someone about it. Not only is it unpleasant, but it also is interfering with your school work and your life.
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