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Fatigue, pelpatation every where, Sinking Heart.

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Hi I am 43 now and for the whole life I had only one issue of Pelpatationa nd sinking heart. I have tried many Psychiatrist and psychologist but no avail. 1st Psychiatrist put me on Tofranil and I took this medicine for few years which was very tough period for me as I was not comfortable with it any how I quit this medicine and after 5-6 years met another psychiatrist who put me on Fluoxitine and am I took this medicine daily in the morning for 2 yaers and now once weekly to tapper off.

I have no sweating issue or any other sypmtom only thing I feel is tiredness, fatigue, pelpatation and sinking heart. This condition remains for ever and it is not for any specific time. The bad thing is that my facial expressions make others feel that I am in some problem. Many ppl ask me "why u are always worried".

I have no answer as this is true I look worried always do not express as when ever i express it falls back on me. Not as intelligent and quick as my colleagues. Above all I have only one fear of tomorrow. Since in our country there is no support for jobless ppl and I always fear how to survive without job and money if something bad happens
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replied June 1st, 2010
Dear Doctors. Please help
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