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Fatigue, Headaches, Hair loss, Acne, Receding Hairline, Dandruff

I'm sorry that I broke the age rule but I just had to.
I'm a teen male. I have so many problems that I don't really know where to start from and I will try not to forget any. So I got acne(face, back, chest), oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis (scalp, eyebrows, ears) , receding hairline, constant headaches, blurry vision and I'm always ill (running nose, sore throat). My skin is super sensitive. I don't have energy for anything. I am tired all the time and I can't concentrate. I get easily frustrated and for no reason. I weigh 64 kg and I am 186 cm tall. Yes I am underweight as you have probably noticed and this is one of my problems too. I can't gain weight.

So this is my 3 year story of visiting doctors.
Puberty. This is when all my problems began. First the scalp itchiness and the flakes, then acne, then hair loss. I have visited tons of dermatologists especially for my scalp problems and everybody just prescribed me shampoos that did literally NOTHING. Then I found a doctor called trichologist. He promised that my problems will go away in 3 months. A year of treatment and the only thing that went away was my crazy spent money. But he found something that no other doctor did. Vitamin D, B12, foleic acid deficiencies. I've been taking Zinc for 3 years, B12 and foleic acid for half an year. I took inositol and biotin for like half an year but just stopped cause they were just useless. Vitamin D ughh.. I stop and start taking it but I know my levels are alright because of blood tests. I have added Omega 3 in my supplements collection recently.
I went to my doctor for the fatigue, the anxiety, the headaches etc and she prescribed me an immune stimulating pill well you guessed right. It was just another useless medication.

What about food you may ask. Well I completely cut fried stuff from my diet and lowered my sugar intake. I make sure I eat fruit and vegetables everyday. I exercise nearly everyday (gym). I consider myself "healthy" even though all these problems say the opposite.

I just feel like garbage and I just start hating life so much.

What should I do? Any advice?
Excuse my bad English and mistakes if I have made any.
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replied October 16th, 2018
Btw I haven't fixed any of the problems.
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