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Father wanting custody

My now husband and I recently got back together and married. Well he has a child on the way with an ex. She is saying she's going to keep it and won't ever let him see it. She has played several mental games with him:
-Saying she was having twins but miscarried one
-Saying she got in a car accident and lost the other one
-4 days later she called to let him know the baby hadn't died
-Now she says that she was having triplets, miscarried one, and is still having twins.

We talk to an attorney in three days but I know he's severely worried about this, so I'm trying to help by asking about his likeness of getting the baby(s). He works full time in the Army, plus has been dealing with all the paperwork of me moving here and trying to get me enrolled in DEERs so hasn't had the time himself to ask questions.

Also we have over 400 txts from her, saying how she's high, drunk etc, she's become a stripper. That her current boyfriend beats her, that she is now back with her ex husband who has been accused of child abuse, and continues to hurt her and her two year old. That she had lost custody of for most of his life. Because her and her husband left him in a hospital and walked away from him.

To me she seems unfit, and a little mental unstable. Who lets someone believe that their child is dead for 4 days?

What should we do to get custody of this child? Is their any advice from anyone, it would be greatly appreciated.
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replied March 30th, 2011
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