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Family, oh family.

I am a 21 year old male who is still living under his parents and grandparents (unfortunately, but it won't be for long), I just landed myself a proper job and am feeling quite glad about it.

Let's start with my parents, I can't remember the last time we actually sat down and had a proper conversation. They are very ego-istic, and for about 3 years now, every single attempted conversation would erupt into conflict, about how they look down on me for being a lazy bum who would go nowhere in life and basically, how they are right all the time and even if they're not, they would find ways to make themselves the victim and me, the villain. They have also been facing some financial problems since late-2006, and I have always been labelled a lot of hurtful words for not helping them out. I was a student back then, what did they expect me to do? To work night? That was the only free time I had to myself, and had it not been for those times, I would have ended my life, I am dead serious. Now that I've landed a job, they seem happy, but I am sure it's because they now have an additional source of money to take them out of their money problems and not so much that their child now has the means to support himself.

My grandparents, they're the most snobbish and naggy people I've ever seen in my life, period. They would constantly ramble and ramble about how they made the best of their abilities to get to where they are today (Which is really nothing impressive to be honest considering they are facing problems every now and then) along with a lot of life values that could probably be written and sold as a zen quote compilation. They would constantly tell me that life isn't meant to be done this way, that way etc and that I would always be inferior to them because I simply do not know how to live life properly. Oh, and FYI, they do this to my parents too, just who do they think they are? If they have nothing positive to contribute to my life other than talk nonsense, just gtfo my face.

I have considered severing my ties with them many times, the way I see it, the relationships has already been spiralling downwards RAPIDLY for years, a typical day would consist of less than a few setences said to each other, and when I try to explain my POV, they bring up stuff like how they have been taking care of me since I was born and that they're just being concerned. Oh really? I am inclined to think that it's just their defense, put up to cover their weak arguments.

The only question is, should I really be cutting the ties when the time comes? Or is there something I am missing out on? There is a lot more but I'll not go into the small details.
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