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Family marriages and pregnancy ?

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i m a girl of 22 years .. i just gor married in 18 nov 2009 .. i want to get pregnant first ov all .? so i wanna ask u how to get pregnant ?
2ndly i want to ask that , i got married to the cosuin of my mother ,, there is some problem in our family regarding family marriages .. like babies are not healthy nd short heighted nd weak ..
so to avoid all this .. what dould i do .. can u please guide me ..
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replied April 1st, 2010
I think its too early for you to start thinking that you are taking long to get pregnant coz you are only 4 months old in marriage,u dont have to worry about it there is still tyme for you.
About the family ploblem,of coarse am not a Doctor maself,am a Lab Tech but i can still assist,there are things which Medical Dr can treat but about height we better put everything in the hands of God coz he is a creator of all of us.
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