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Family friend has immature attitude to life, communications

Family friend has immature attitude to life and communications

I consider it inappropriate behaviour! It's almost as if she has got an attitude problem! She is always getting in the way of me: no matter what I am doing, be it starting a new job, a new career - she's always there having to have her say and share her opinion of things! She's not very scientific and makes sweeping statements all the time. Everyone else is giving me space at the moment, which is good, however, she is not able to explain herself or give reasons for her actions. She is just making things up all the time which is not really appreciated. It's almost like a reoccuring personality deficiency which makes her opinions very wishy washy and indecisive. She seems to have this unfavourable personality thing going wrong in her head which is making her come up with some odd things like she will say things randomly like "You're looking a bit unwell" - when all I doing is watching television, yes quite intently but that's to ignore her because she constantly talking to my sister and inviting her places and not me! Also when i was doing that I was secretly very angry at her behaviour of ignoring me and asking my sister along to things without me (yet again!). I'm on good terms with people from school and just say hello and goodbye, when appropriate. This has been interpreted by my friend as me having some kind of integral friendship with them (doesn't exist) she tells her mother and then her mother starts reading into the wrong interpretation of things - like saying I'm going round talking to people and that I'm mentally confused again - which sets off a negative reaction in my parents who then ignore me and disinclude me in things - which mentally makes susie think it's ok to then carry on ignoring me and doing things with my sister. It's almost like her way of excusing inappropriate behaviour.

Another network cycle she seems to have in her head, is that she portrays that I'm not welcoming her in her house and she will start saying I'm acting strange - again noone else picks up on this about me and this level of interpretation is completely over the top and fictional. She's a deliberately slow learner and doesn't acknowledge that she's picked up on subtle hints and almost uses language to try and suade other people that I'm ill and need help. A) I collected my medication from the surgery regularly and they would pick up if I had a health problem that needed therapy B) I havent asked for an interpretation from my friend about my health C) I consider my health personal and private and not really "round the table" topic of conversation. The only exception would be is if I wanted to bring up the topic to discuss and I would do so in a general, discussive, impersonal way, without labels, without referring to someone and it would simply be having a general discussion about health in general. Not being specific.

The way she seems to be asserting her opinion of myself, other people and general queries and little confusion she seems to have about everything, seems to be based on ways of life and social norms. She uses these to show her opinion in a "battle-axe" way and makes up things that isn't true. She seems to ACTING like a councillor (person you can talk to) and asking me how I feel, if I'm well etc. But this seems to have no relevance to the actual therapy and councilling I have recieved in the past - now i have been signed off I don't need this kind of hassle or interference from people.

I have thought of possible ways of trying to not always be on the recieving end of lots of unwanted and made-up layperson advice from her. I'm going to just go to a quiet music concert at our local theatre for my birthday (she expects to be invited every year to my birthday), complain at her observations (but in a nice way but can't be too subtle or she just won't understand as per usual) don't let her get the upper hand and inform her she is being intrusive. Hopefully them she'll understand and get the subtle hint i need some space from her and I aim to do all this without being accused of being depressed or ill (I have been successfully signed off the depression list by doctors and intend to keep up my good health without layperson's advice or intervention).
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