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falls asleep everywhere, could drug mixture be the problem?

My boyfriend has a problem falling asleep everywhere. while watching TV, smoking a cigarette, at dinner...everywhere. It's pretty embarrassing. He can drink 3 cups of coffee,2 energy shots, couple of mountain dews and nothing helps.
Here's the kicker, He is on c-buprenorphine jellies(9mgm/2.25mg), Clonazepam (1mg), and paxil (20mg). He takes one paxil in the morning, anywhere from 1-2 c-buprenorphine jellies and maybe 2-3 clonazepam a day....could this mixture be the problem or is it something else? The Dr prescribed him up to 3 jellies, 1 paxil, and 3 clonazepam a day so he is taking less than prescribed so I know know why he is having this problem. He falls asleep while driving. making coffee, sitting on back porch trying to light a cigarette. It's like he can't so anything without falling asleep...PLEASE help!!!
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