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Falling and breaking arm

My 18 month old that was born c-section and has a skeletal immaturity was playing and fell from a distance of over 3 feet and hit a very hard wooden bed and his arm ended up broken. DHS took him and his brother away from me and refuses to give them back. I need to know why they say that he could not have fallen and broken his arm. I saw what happened I just did not get there in time to catch him.
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replied July 20th, 2009
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When a child that small falls from a distance more than his height, it is very reasonable to question what the supervising adult was doing when it happened. Even a child without a skeletal immaturity would have a chance of breaking something when falling like that.

I do not know why they are saying that, especially if they are not giving him the proper medical attention: he could lose his arm if it really is broken: but you need to pursue immediately it legally if you want the issue resolved.
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