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Fall from 6 ft landed on back

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Hello All,

Im very concerned about a back fall that i endured sunday morning.

I was sat on some railings,lost my balance, and landed flat on my back.

I jumped up and got a taxi home, when i tried to get out of the taxi i found i couldnt...massive burning sensation down my lower left back and my leg.

this went on for the rest of sunday, hurting if i bent my back at all. i.e trying to get up or sit down...howver i could walk without much pain...

Also i seem to have a tender spot just to the left of my spine about middle of my back....when i press that its like someone is sticking a knife in my back...and pain shoots down my hip ,numb top of leg.

This continued until monday morning when i went up ER...Doctor prodded my spine a bit, said all felt ok....tested my urine for blood, all ok.

he put the sensitive spot near my spine down to the fall and said it was prob pressing on my nerve, hence pain in my leg.

He gave me enough painkillers for the week and said i should be fine by then????

does this sound right? id love to think i'd be back to normal in a week or so but with the pain im experiencing it feels unlikely.

thanks for any advice/experience
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replied August 10th, 2010
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i would think with the symptoms you have more tests should have been run. an xray would show any broken bones you might have suffered. an mri would show any disc damage. your symptoms indicate pressure on spinal nerves. if it continues for another week i would see ortho surgeon who is spine specialist.....good luck.....pete
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