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Fainting, Woozyness cuz of blood and needles?

Just this morning i was cutting a tomato and slipped and cut a good peice of my ring finger, at first it was numb but as i started to see the blood and seeing how bad the wound really was, my vision started getting blurry, i felt woozy and faint, i really thought i was going to black out! This always happens to me even when i get needle shots, i become very shaky and get cold and even to the point of passing out. i laid down for a bit covering my finger with a tissue paper, i told myself "it's all in the mind" (no idea why..?) and breathe deeply. I thought i was fine, but as i got back up, i felt like i was reallly going to vomit!! I felt so nauseated! Is there a way i can train myself to not be like this? Is this a defense mechanism and is it bad for me to feel this way? I really dont like this feeling and just want to be like everyone else.
Also is a baidaid good enough for my finger? Thinking about putting alcohol on my open wound sounds too painful. Im thinking of putting polysporin on it maybe in 3 days when the wound is a bit healed and closed...
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replied March 4th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

This is kind of late to answer this, but for others with the same question:

As to the fainting at the sight of blood and needles, yes, it is sort of a defense mechanism. It has to be with the "fight or flight" mechanism. It has been proposed, that is was to help our ancestors survive. If there was a lot of blood, and you became lifelike, the predator would just leave, and you would not lose any more blood.

But, it has sort of become unnecessary in modern society.

There are ways to help with the reaction. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown to help a lot of people with the disorder. You might look into some counseling, if you are interested. Adversion therapy will sometimes help. But, yes, there are ways to help with the problem.

As to the cut, clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Keep it covered when you are out working. Wash it if it becomes dirty. Washing it thoroughly each day in your morning shower, with soap and water.

If you want to use a little neosporin, fine, but do not goop it on, use just a light film of it. Also, be sure to wash it off completely every day, then reapply it if wanted.

The main thing us just to keep the wound clean and dry.

Good luck.
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