My mother had a fainting episode 2 years ago in which she broke 2 teeth on the concrete. She made appointments to figure out what was wrong but to no avail. She was told that her heart is fine. This morning she had another fainting episode, walking from the bathroom to her bedroom. Her husband found her, stating that she was unresponsive, eyes were open and she was not breathing. He managed to rouse her after splashing water on her face, sat her up, got her to drink some water, then she fainted again, this time vomiting as she went down
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replied October 2nd, 2012
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Unfortunately, there are a multitude of reasons for a person to "faint". The most common cause is a vasovagal response. But, again, there are numerous “triggers” which cause a patient to have the vasovagal syncope. The problems comes in trying to figure out what is triggering the “fainting”.

Problems with the heart are always ruled out first, as they have the most significant consequences. But, triggers vary from dehydration or not eating recently (low blood sugar) to interruption of the impulses in the vagus nerve.

Your mother may need further studies and possibly even admission to a testing facility. A Holter Monitor can be placed for 24 hours wear, to check out the heart function. Electrolytes need to be checked. Neurological functioning may need to be assessed with an EEG, a possibly a sleep deprivation study.

Again, there are just so many things that can cause fainting. This is one of the most difficult conditions in medicine to ferret out what is going on and it may take some time.

Good luck.
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