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Faint postive hpt, now what?

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Hi, I've had pregnancy symptoms for the past couple of months. I've been testing since July. First was a negative. Two weeks ago I used a blue dye test and it was faint. I heard those aren't accurate so I took a FRER today(not fmu) and I again, had a very, very faint positive. If I am indeed pregnant, my hormones are definitely outta whack as I still have light bleeding here and there. I'm not scared, I just want to know how I go about it? What do I say when I make the appointment, because at this time..all I want is a blood test to confirm whether I am or not. Lol, and for the love of God, why are the hpts giving so many women trouble?
Thanks in advance!!
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replied September 19th, 2010
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Wow, I just realized I had posted questions back in July about this. Well, now I'm definitely getting faint positives... I guess I thought I was over analyzing everything as usual. I'll be calling the doctor's office tomorrow. Sorry I posted so many questions. Hopefully they'll be able to help someone else down the line. Smile
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