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Failure To Ejaculate?

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I am 63 but quite active and healthy with few complaints.
After some (I am embarrassed to say) years (12) I am sexually active again.
Here is the mystery: I can (to my own surprise) maintain an erection and/or resume an erection quickly and sustain that erection for a remarkable amount of time..........................BUT.....ejac ulation most times fails to occur or it requires further manipulation by hand to complete ejaculation, if it happens at all. Some times that fails too.
Bottomline: My partner is very satisfied (by her own admission) but I am frustrated and concerned that something is wrong.
Is there any medication that might promote that release of semen on a more regular basis?
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replied September 16th, 2011
This is a very common problem which comes along with the age.In order to improve your erection strength you must consult an expert which can guide you take pills like regenerect, etc and will give you instructions to take diet which suits your body and improves your strength.
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