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Failed Surgery

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I had sinus surgery for sinusitis 2 months ago but it was not successful even though I followed my surgeons post surgery advice to a tee. It has gradually become worse and now I'm in worse condition now than I was before and my ears hurt, it feels like my right eardrum is going to pop.

I have an appointment with my specialist in a few weeks but I'm questioning his competence.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you

By the way I live in Canada
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replied February 20th, 2010
Hi, I've posted a few times about my sinusitis problem. Tried many, many self help remedies (see my postings). Finally decided to give in and have the FESS surgery which was scheduled for last week but, was postponed due to hospital equipment issues.
Would you be willing to provide more detail about your situation? Details are what really help others. It takes time and effort to give.
If there are alternatives to surgery, many persons would like to learn.
I continue self help remedies. Lately I've taken to drinking hydrogen it.
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